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A conference for girls on the pursuit of education at STEM was held

SFrom cene Gear up for the New Mexico Girls STEM Pathways Conference in Albuquerque. courtesy/NMHED

Scene from Gear up for the New Mexico Girls STEM Pathways Conference in Albuquerque. courtesy/NMHED


Santa Fe — Nearly 100 junior high school girls explored college and career options in science, technology, engineering and math at the first GEAR UP New Mexico Girls STEM Pathway Conference in Albuquerque this month.

Hosted by gaining early recognition at a federal university and undergraduate program (GEAR UP), a career preparation program housed in the New Mexico Department of Higher Education. STEM Santa FeThe conference brought together students from the New Mexico school district to listen to presentations and participate in hands-on activities related to STEM’s career path.

“Providing girls and young women with the opportunity to explore education and career options at STEM is key to preparing these students for a rewarding profession, many of which are here in New Mexico.” Said Stephanie M. Rodriguez, Secretary of the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED). “Our university offers some of the best STEM education programs in the county, and our state is a leader in technology and innovation. GEAR UP program, STEM Santa Fe, higher education partners, and this. Thank you to all the people who gathered to make the event possible for our students. ”

Students attend university fairs to learn about the many STEM degree and accreditation programs offered at public universities in New Mexico, and attend workshops covering topics ranging from robotics and computer science to physics and biofuels. I participated.

“After attending the STEM conference, I would like to study engineering at university and get a bachelor’s degree,” said 7-year-old Mia A grader at the Christine Duncan Heritage Academy in Albuquerque. “My biggest point from the conference is that engineering isn’t really what I expected. It’s much better, about STEM, and about how you can work as an engineer. I hope I can learn more. ”

“We cannot fully emphasize the importance of what was achieved at this year’s GEAR UP New Mexico Girls STEM Pathways Conference. Junior high school students are working to make a real impact on the future of STEM education in the state, STEM. The opportunity to meet and interact with a dynamic network of female professionals directly supports our mission to provide a community-based experience for poorly serviced people, “GEAR said. UP New Mexico Director Corine Frankland. “Participants left the meeting knowing that they could become STEM explorers and their passion and creativity made the state wonderful!”

During the women on the STEM panel, students interacted with college students and women currently studying and working at STEM.

Savannah Sanchez, a student and panelist at New Mexico Highlands University, said: “I couldn’t experience such a thing when I was young, but it was great to offer this opportunity to students and we shared the most personal and vulnerable experience.”

Sanchez graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from New Mexico Highlands University this month and spends the summer studying Smithsonians in Maryland, exploring the ecology of different types of trees. She will then earn a master’s degree in biology from the University of New Mexico this fall with the hope of entering her research career. Sanchez is the first college graduate in her family and wants to inspire young students to pursue their educational and career goals.

Historically, the number of women in STEM careers has declined in New Mexico, but last year almost 60% of STEM-H degrees were awarded to women. The most awarded degrees from public higher education institutions were biology, physics, and health sciences.

The New Mexico Department of Higher Education and GEARUP New Mexico will continue to offer opportunities such as the Girls STEM Pathways Conference, allowing young women to enter the STEM space and fill the state’s workforce with classrooms, defense laboratories, bases and more. I plan to make it possible. New Mexico industry.