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A man convicted of one murder in a decapitation case

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Concord, New Hampshire — Thursday’s jury convicted of a single murder for murdering his wife’s colleague and forcing her to be decapitated after discovering that a New Hampshire man was sending a text message. Was given.

32-year-old Armand de Brignac faces life imprisonment without parole. He was also convicted of assaulting his wife, Brittany Baron. The night she discovered she was sending a text message with her colleague, 25-year-old Jonathan Amero. Prosecutors said they used her cell phone to seduce him into a park just north of the Massachusetts border in September 2020.

Amero’s mother was in court and began to cry when the verdict was read. The jury filed a proceeding in less than two hours.

“The defendant had all the motives for killing Jonathan, because for him Jonathan was a man who had just begun to see his wife,” prosecutor Benjamin Agati said in closing arguments. “A man who thought his wife looked like an Abercrombie model, a man at her office he now knows, was talking to his wife behind him. He immediately saw him as a rival. Man. “

In closing arguments, Baron’s lawyer said Brittany’s testimony was inconsistent with physical evidence and she had the motivation to lie, and prosecutors told her the truth and feared her life. He said he was.

Baron pleaded not guilty to the indictment. His lawyer claims that his wife shot Amero, but she denies it.

His lawyer, Meredith Lugo, said the “major example” of Brittany’s testimony, which is not supported by evidence, is her explanation of how Armand shot the last bullet in a hatchback vehicle. She said he was turned around in the passenger seat, Amero was behind him, and his head was facing the hatchback door.

Lugo pointed out that the state’s chief coroner had testified that the bullet had been fired at close range and said he could not fire that way.

“If Brittany isn’t honest with you about it, what else is she telling you?” Lugo said.

Agati said Amero died trying to save himself and moved towards Armand when the shot was fired. He tried to protect himself when the previous bullet passed through his arm and suffered other defensive wounds on his arm and hand. His feet were on the floor and close to the handle of the car door.

“It’s unreasonable to believe that Jonathan was just sitting there during the shoot,” Agati said.

Brittany, 33, drives the car to a campsite 200 miles north, with Armand driving right behind her and talking on the phone most of the time after Amero was shot. I testified that I was forced to do that. There she was forced to decapitate Amero, she said. Her husband eventually left her on her scene and told her to dispose of her body, she testified.

Lugo said Brittany “can lie when she wants,” and when she approached the campsite from a state fish and gaming officer, she had a party.

Eventually, police officers noticed something covered with a tarpaulin that turned out to be Amero’s car. She was detained and taken to the police.

“But of course she helped at that point,” Lugo said. She said, “She had a story she was selling and she had to believe it,” she framed herself as a victim.

Agati states the balance that Brittany would have had to make: The “year of marriage” should be considered by the jury.

Brittany Baron was released from prison last month after being released on parole last month after pleading guilty to three charges of forging evidence.

The Associated Press did not name the couple because it did not identify Brittany Baron, who said she had been severely abused. She recently agreed to use her name through her lawyer.