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Grand jury in Warren County returns indictment | for record

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The following people were indicted by a grand jury in Warren County on Wednesday. The indictment is an allegation, not a conviction.

William G. Orbright, 28, Metro Davidson County Detention Facility, receipt of stolen goods (firearms), possession of marijuana, suspension or revocation of driver’s license, failure to maintain required insurance by owner, failure to create insurance card , Improper display of registration plate, Missing or expired registration receipt, Missing or expired registration plate, Speed ​​violation. $ 1,000 cash bond.

Heather Ann Barre, 44, Warren County Regional Prison, First Class Criminal Abuse. $ 6,000 cash bond.

Thomas Morgan Balls, 55, Warren County Regional Prison, driving a car under the influence of a first-degree criminal mischief and addict (second violation within 10 years). $ 1,500 cash bond.

Frank Eugene Burns, 54, Warren County Regional Prison, two attempted crimes in one attempted illegal transaction with a minor. $ 10,000 cash bond.

Justin Dee Cardwell, 29, 218 Kelly Road, Apt. J63, 1st strangulation, 4th assault (domestic), 1st felony criminal. Transfer bonds.

Ricardo Davis, 46, 4482 Sunnyside Gott Road, stolen by fraud from $ 1,000 to less than $ 10,000. Please note that it is displayed.

Luis de Leon, 31, 31 years old, Grayson County Detention Center, first-degree trafficking of controlled substances (2 grams or more, stimulants), possession of drug-related equipment, possession of marijuana, no registration plate or expired, hanging To revoke the operation on or the operator’s license. Transfer bonds.

Michael Seth Dill, 47, Warren County Regional Prison, 1st Reckless Danger, 2nd Illegal Imprisonment, 2nd Serious Criminal. $ 7,500 cash bond.

Valerie Katrina Dunn, 49, Warren County Regional Prison, one escape or police avoidance, driving a car under the influence of drunk driving (second violation within 10 years), suspension of drunk driving license Driving a car, possessing drug-related equipment, reckless driving, the rear number plate is not lit, seatbelt failure, possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in the car. $ 5,000 cash bond.

Karrie Lynn Graves, 43, 2425 Thoroughbred Drive, No. 16, identity theft, one felony criminal. Transfer bonds.

April Munoz-Hernandez, 34, 1500 AudubonDrive or 1541 VirginiaDrive, once controlled substance possession, drug-related equipment possession, marijuana possession, signal failure or improper, no registration plate or expired, windshield / windows excessive Coloring; Transfer bonds.

Bradley Michael Ossinger, also known as Michael Ossinger, 20, 851 Fields Drive, No. 634, 1 escape or avoidance police, 1 reckless danger, 1 criminal mischief, ignore traffic control equipment. Transfer bonds.

Matthew Carlyle Reeder, 31, Warren County Regional Prison, first-class trafficking on controlled drugs (more than 2 grams, stimulants, firearm enhancement), first-class escape or avoidance police, first-class frustration risk , Drug-related equipment, reckless driving, ignoring pause signs, two felony criminals. $ 5,000 cash bond. Possession of firearms by convicted Ferron. $ 5,000 cash bond.

Ronal Robertson, 48, Franklin, Tennessee, fraudulent theft was worth more than $ 1,000 and less than $ 10,000. Please note that it is displayed.

Ricky Chad Simmons, 43, 1309 Dye Ford Road, Alvaton, 2 thefts by fraud over $ 1,000 and under $ 10,000. $ 5,000 cash bond.

Skylar Nicole Stanley, 22, 1020 Old Barren River Road, No. D18, 1st degree of criminal mischief, 2nd degree of animal cruelty. $ 5,000 cash bond.

Aaron Jacob Stark, 23, 491 Kelly Road, No. 13, Received stolen goods of $ 1,000 or more and less than $ 10,000. Transfer bonds.

Larry Matthew Talley, 39, 5612 Russellville Road, No. 118, Possession of a pistol by a convicted felony, public drunkenness, two felony offenders. Transfer Bonds; Two counts of one reckless endangerment (second offense within 10 years) and one felony offender driving a car under the influence of an addict. A $ 2,500 guarantor or cash guarantor.

Karen Michelle Wright, 35, homeless, first-class possession of controlled drugs, possession of drug-related equipment, possession of marijuana. Transfer bonds.

Freddie Eugene York Jr., 40, c / o Warren County Regional Jail, 1 trafficking of controlled substances (2 grams or more, stimulants), 1 possession of controlled substances, possession of drug-related equipment. $ 10,000 cash bond.

Jacob Edward Klein, 29, 640 Lake Road, first-class controlled drug possession, drug-related equipment possession, rear license plate unlit, possession license. Transfer bonds.