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Kahului woman put on probation for four years in police assault | News, sports, work

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Weilk — After being released from prison in January, a sober job and driver’s license was put on probation for four years for crimes, including assault on police officers who tried to arrest her.

Kahului’s Ka’iulani, 23, may have faced imprisonment “If you haven’t done a job in the last four months” Second Circuit Judge Kirstin Hamman said he ruled on May 20.

On January 7, 2020, Sia pleaded guilty to fraudulent control of propulsion vehicles, two criminal property damages, two thefts, two credit card thefts, and three thefts.

That day, Sia was a member of the scavenger and was told to leave, according to the information presented when she argued with the supervisor and changed her plea to guilty. According to the information, she went back and tried to steal the U-Haul truck, damaging the truck and then stealing other vehicles, including assets such as credit cards.

In another case, Sia pleaded guilty to two counts of one assault against law enforcement officers, once resisted an order to stop the car, and twice at risk of recklessness.

On June 23, police were looking for her when two security unit police officers approached her car. She locked the door, started her car, and tried to escape in her car. According to the information presented in court, the policeman broke the window and Sia beat and kicked the policeman. According to the information, she tried to bite one cop, and after biting another cop, one cop was on the side of the door and had to jump out of the way. rice field.

The judicial transaction allowed the prosecution to seek a sentence for Sia. “We have a very rich record.” Deputy Prosecutor Carson Tani said.But he said probation might be more effective because Sia had it. “Recently, it’s going pretty well.”

Deputy civil servant Ben Rowental said a difficult childhood preceded Sia’s drug use and subsequent crimes.

“At the age of 23, Ka’iulani decided to change course.” He said. “If that continues, she will be in jail or better.”

According to Loenthal, Sia remained calm and continued her treatment program after being released under supervision when she changed her plea in January. He said she had her driver’s license and was starting her new job.

“She is knocking it out of the park.” Loenthal said. “She was doing everything she expected and she went even further with these achievements.”

“I’m tired of predicting my future in the past.” Sia said. “I don’t want to use it as an excuse anymore.”

Sia has been recognized for more than six months in prison. She was ordered to pay $ 108 for her amputated ankle monitor without consuming her alcohol or illicit drugs.

Judge Haman told Sia that she was in control of her future. “You haven’t been a victim of your situation since you were a kid.” Haman said.

She said Sia wasn’t tied to her history “Blatant contempt for the law.”

“You seem to have made real changes for yourself, your family, friends and the community.” The judge said to Sia.

“In your situation, there are probably many young women on the same path.” Haman said. “You can be the leader and mentor of those young women.”

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