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Roman Bravo Young's family and friends get together to celebrate their achievements

The jet sports training facility near the park and stupid was a festive scene celebrating the legendary achievements of Sunnyside Wrestling on Friday night. Roman Bravo YoungBut it was a special and honorable thing, and it felt like a reunion of a large family.

The decoration is elaborate for Bravo-Young and includes a huge balloon display on one wall labeled “2xNCAA CHAMP” to honor the 133-pound NCAA title of the last two seasons at Pennsylvania State University.

The decorative cake baked with his initials “RBY” was decorated in blue and white (the colors of Sunnyside and Penn State University), and there were two photographs containing photographs showing his national status.

“He’s also celebrating because he currently has a bachelor’s degree (also in the field of sports management). This is all very special,” his mom said. Sarah Bravo-Cruz She said when she placed the cupcakes on a stand with a sign that says “Congratulations.”

True to his modest approach, Bravo Young distracted him and said that this opportunity was an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, as he could not do it during the school year at State College, Pennsylvania.

“Besides praise, the most important thing is that I’m always growing as a person,” he said. “This time I’ll be back with my diploma. That’s a big deal.

“It’s cool to get everyone together because we can come back and celebrate with our family. We don’t often meet everyone. I know they support me through TV. It’s It means a lot. “

Who was in the Sunnyside Wrestling Community, including today’s outstanding players Audrey Jimenez When Sergio VegaAnd recently graduated Tatiana Hernandez When Jamie Rivera Jr.

Anthony LeungCoached Sunnyside to five consecutive titles in five states, was at hand as well as a former coach Richard SanchezLeading the Blue Devils to the State Championship five times in a row from 1990 to 1994.

Sunnyside graduate Jesse Ibara When Sebastian Robles I was attending.

This prominent group included UFC’s two-time bantamweight world champion. Dominique CruzHas forged a bond with Bravo-Young as two Tucson-raised talents with similar understated backgrounds who have been successful through work ethic.

“Roots, Tucson Roots, Pedigree-During the summer, I did freestyle training on Sunnyside. Bravo and his grandfather helped me cross-train me here and there.” Cruz said. “He coached me and we basically competed in the same pool that was growing. I grew up in Tucson, so I like to raise people.

“The Romans are from Tucson and have the same roots. We grew up in wrestling with a very similar lineage. When I am a family visiting a house, he is a family visiting a house. And it fits perfectly because we can train. Beautiful. “

Born in San Diego, Cruz grew up in Tucson, wrestled from an early age and graduated from Flowing Wells High School.

He frequently trains with Bravo-Young and Sunnyside Wrestlers, grows up as an MMA fighter like Cruz, and then develops a community similar to Bravo-Young who will earn a degree to own a Youth Sports Academy in Tucson. I am deeply involved.

“The most important thing for me is to see all the support gathered around him while doing that,” Cruz said of Bravo Young’s success. “I remember winning multiple world titles, championships, and it’s like you have to make the way so you can give it to another generation.”

Bravo-Young runs a camp for young wrestlers, and Cruz is an active supporter and results-focused supporter of the Higher Ground a Resource Center, a non-profit organization that includes a youth center at Wakefield Middle School. We offer a life skills curriculum. We provide important mental health services as well as fun and engaging activities.

“At Tucson, if you don’t have the sport to go home, you can go home to an empty house or go home for anything,” Cruz said. “When I was a kid, I could leave school and go straight to the hills, do robotics, do art, do jujutsu, do tournaments. Find your favorite niche and go home with your parents. Kill for a while before you become. See you for dinner, and you do your thing.

“There is a community that takes four hours or is together. Higher Ground is really good for Tucson kids who need a place to go to get good feedback in a positive environment.”

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Bravo-Young recently announced that it will return to Pennsylvania for five years, taking advantage of the additional qualifications provided by the NCAA for the shortened 2019-20 season for COVID-19.

“It wasn’t too difficult for me,” he said of the decision-making process. “This year is a free year, like” why? ” Some people could have said, “Why didn’t you reach the top?” I’m getting paid now. There are several NIL (name, image, portrait) transactions. I’m making money in college and I’m not making money, so I’m getting money to fight, so it’s like “why?” I’m still having fun and I’m finding a way to enjoy it.

“I’m fighting half the season, so it’s not that bad.”

Training for the 2024 Paris Olympics is one of his goals.

“Obviously, I’m going to give it a try — Team USA,” he said. “I’m competing in an international convention in November. Everyone says so, so I never talk about it. When the time comes, I just worry about it.”

Bravo-Young added that the night at Jet Sports Training wasn’t for him, but for his family.

“I feel like I haven’t done anything yet,” he said. “I feel like I’ve reached the tip of the iceberg. It’s for my family. There are people who support me. There are people who drive here from California, people who jump in … it’s more than anything else. For them. As long as they are happy, I am happy.

“I continue to be proud of my family and want to preserve this Bravo heritage.”


Javier Morales, publisher, writer and editor of, has won the former Arizona Press Club Award. He is a former Arizona Daily Star Beat Reporter for the Arizona Basketball Team, including when Wildcats won the 1996-97 NCAA title. He has also written articles in numerous publications such as, Bleacher Report, Lindy’s Sports,, The Arizona Republic, Sporting News and Baseball America. He also writes the book The Highest Form of Living, available on Amazon. He became an educator five years ago and is now a special education teacher at Gallego FineArts Intermediate in the Sunnyside Unified School District.

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