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I was always wondering if there really was a difference between the terms “graduation” When “start.” I finally looked them up. “graduation” teeth “Granting or accepting a bachelor’s degree or diploma.” We did it earlier this month for sure. We have awarded approximately 700 degrees of degree and certificate to graduates of the University Center, which consists of UH-Maui College and students who live in Maui and take classes at UH-Manoa and UH-West Oahu. Many of you may not know how closely the campuses of the entire UH system work together and the wide range of degrees offered by the system-wide distance learning program. That is a great benefit to our students. By the way, the number has increased significantly since the year of the pandemic.

“start” teeth “Beginning or beginning?” And that’s the way I like to think about and see the fun experiences we all had on May 14th. We believe that we have sent our graduates to the world and are excited to prepare for the next chapter. Continuing education, or simply as a more balanced member of our community.

2 years later “virtual” It was part of a face-to-face ceremony, but it was thrilling to see more than 220 graduates wearing hats and gowns surrounded by about 3,000 family and friends. The 2022 graduation ceremony was a real celebration.

It took me a while to remember the UH-MC Ohana members I lost this year — Kelly Watanabe, Melissa Bonin, Carlton “boy” Attai, Betty Wraith, and more recently chef Tirun Pan. We were looking forward to hearing his graduation speech and conferring an honorary doctorate on him. Sadly, he died just a few days before our graduation.

Fortunately, one of Chef Tylun’s close friends and the chef he taught like many others have stepped up. Chef Kyle Kawaki is a prestigious graduate of our Culinary Arts Program (2002), a former instructor of the program, a seasoned chef and a very popular Maui Fresh Street Food since 2013. The owner and operator of the truck.

His message inspired our graduates and guests. I think that many people will sympathize with it. He outlined the five keys to success, regardless of your field of study or specialty. First, find a mentor. Then create a plan — 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, whatever suits you. Third, chase your dreams, not money. Fourth, become a teacher and pass on your knowledge to those around you. By raising others, we all grow up. And finally — and this may be the most important of all — give back to your community. Chef Kyle sets an example. In eight years, he was able to donate about $ 400,000 to nonprofits and people in need. And it was all collected in a simple little Aloha chip jar sitting at the counter of his food truck.

We borrow Kyle Chef’s own words as a fee to all graduates around the world. “This is a time full of opportunities. Get out there and achieve greatness. It’s there to take.”

And now it’s time to move forward — after a bit of summer rest and relaxation! We hope that the fall of 2022 may be the perfect time to start your journey at UH-Maui College. Whether you’re just graduating from high school or a non-traditional student looking for a new career path or self-improvement, we have something for you.

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If you would like to see some or all of the graduation ceremony, please visit www. If you are reading this, a Maui visitor, a mainlander, or a new resident, we recommend that you take a look at at least the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes. Listen to beautiful Hawaiian music and listen to the language. Let’s talk, see hula and learn about our sense of place in college. And you’ll see a completely different side to Hawaii, Maui College, and UH-Maui College.

* Dr. Lui K. Hokoana is Prime Minister of Maui College, University of Hawaii.Kaana Manao, that is “Share your thoughts” Displayed on the 4th Saturday of every month. Created with the support of UH-Maui College staff, it aims to provide the Maui County community with information about opportunities available through the university at the Kahului Campus and Education Center.

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