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"The Most Tragedy" | Local News

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Those driving Weatherford this week may have noticed an increasing police presence in children’s schools.

It was a common place in the town of Yuvarde where 19 elementary school students and two teachers died after the shootings on Tuesday.

The news upset the community everywhere, with reports of motives, how shooters were able to gain access, and what additional security measures were needed.

“We take the safety of our students and faculty very seriously and feel that Weatherford is a very safe school district,” said Greg Lance, Deputy Chief of the Weatherford Police Department, Wednesday. “Multiple WPDs [School Resource Officers] There are also faculty members assigned and trained in this district [intruder] situation.

“I know that both the school district and the police make school safety an absolute priority.”

Several districts, including Weatherford and Millsap, approved a hidden carry program in 2018 to strengthen security measures after 17 people were killed in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The SRO program is not new to local schools, but it is adopted in most school districts in Parker and Palo Pinto counties through local police or sheriff offices.

The flag was hung with a half-mast behind a sign that warned armed staff posted outside the Weatherford ISD campus. Districts, including Weatherford and Millsap, approved a hidden carry program in 2018 as an additional security measure after a school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people.

Mineral Wells ISD coach John Kuhn said the words were at a loss this week after the news of the shooting.

“Children are the most valuable resource the community has. More than we love them, keep them safe, teach them, protect their hearts and lead them to their best future. There is no obligation, “he said. “I don’t want to think of my hurt parents, my deceased adult family, or my sweet teacher’s colleagues. I don’t want to admit someone with such a wicked heart in such a kind place. I don’t want to admit every time this happens. I don’t want to think about the anxieties I have for my students and teachers, or our parents, my own sweet teacher’s wife, my own children.

“The burden of education and learning is already heavy enough.”

Mineral Wells ISD employs SROs through the Mineral Wells Police Department on all campuses, in addition to other safety measures.

“I want to break through the set of safety measures I’m taking to reassure parents, teachers and students, but I don’t want the school to look like a fortress, not a school,” he said. .. “We adults need to do better for our children. I am a positive person, but there is so much pain and negligence in the hearts of American children, they are so hurt and struggling. And it’s been like this for a while, and people aren’t aware of the five-unless you’re a teacher, police officer, or social worker, a burning alarm in your children’s minds.

“Then they see it all clearly.”

Shooting at Rob Elementary in Yuvalde has recorded the shootings of the most deadly school in the United States since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in New Town, Connecticut.

Although shootings of that magnitude are rare, Naval Postgraduate researchers have recorded 504 shootings in primary, middle and high schools since early 2020. This is above the total for the last eight years.

Newly re-elected Texas parliamentarian Glenn Rogers lamented his death in Uvalde as “the greatest tragedy” and said his life was dim due to the loss of his son.

“For me, the pain of losing a child is something I don’t want anyone on the planet,” he wrote in a statement.

Rogers said his job in this area was “… working at the state level to keep children safe.”

“I certainly don’t have all the answers,” he continued. “Often during a tragedy, there are people who use the situation to lecture on what we” must “or” should “at the policy level. For now, we hope that our focus is to send help and support to the people of Yuvalde while they are saddened and dealt with such unimaginable losses.

“When we convene during the 88th session, I hope that working to secure our school will be a top priority. I now ask our district All you have to do is keep the citizens of Yuvarde in your prayers. “

Law enforcement officials said Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old archer who enrolled in an “unobstructed” school through a door that appeared to be unlocked on Tuesday, had no criminal record or mental health history and was motivated. He said he was investigating.

Before attacking the school, he shot and injured his grandmother in the house they shared.

The Rob School Memorial Fund has been opened in Yuvalde’s First State Bank for the Rob Elementary family.

Anyone who wishes to donate can donate at any FSB branch. Mail your check to the Robb School Memorial Fund and donate it through 200 E. Nopal St., Uvalde, TX 78801; or Zelle: