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10 Pop Culture Gimmicks That Will Help You Wrestle

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One of the most important aspects of the wrestling business is the wrestler gimmick. Wrestlers with solid gimmicks find characters that fit them to tell interesting stories and keep fans engaged, especially when they have big stages like: WWESome wrestlers don’t really need to change because the gimmick is so good.

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There are many wrestlers who have created gimmicks based on pop culture because of the many interesting characters and stories that pop culture brings. A suitable wrestler is attached to it.

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Ten Seth Rollins – Negan

Seth Rollins is one of the most clearly defined characters in WWE. Visionary went through several gimmick changes during his time with the company and settled on one that has proven successful. The overconfident, maniacal, flashy-dressed superstar does wonders with his current gimmick, but if he were to adapt his pop culture gimmick, it would be better than Negan’s. There are no gimmicks. the walking dead.

The loud, unfiltered, barbed-wire bat-wielding villain turned anti-hero is one of the most popular characters. the walking deadBrilliantly played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the character isn’t too far off from what Rollins is currently doing and only needs a few tweaks. , he could easily become WWE’s Negan.

9 Charlotte Flair – Cersei Lannister

Although Charlotte Flair can be considered equal in many respects game of thrones Cersei Lannister, there are certain aspects of the character that are wonderfully adaptable in wrestling better than the Queen herself.

Cersei is a ruthless, arrogant, ambitious queen who is selfish about her mistakes. She believes herself to be superior to her true self, and traits like that could be a nice addition to add dimension to Charlotte’s character. Cersei’s true fall from grace, akin to Cersei’s Atonement Walk, followed by a vengeful ascent to the top, is Charlotte’s greatest achievement. It could be one of the stories.

8 Dexter Lumis – Dexter Morgan

The character of Dexter Lumis has always been drawn from some sort of pop culture serial killer, Patrick Bateman or not. american psycho His time as TNA’s Samuel Shaw, or Dexter Morgan namesake and outfit Dexter. Name aside, the shift to a vigilante serial killer-like character could lead to some compelling work from Lumis.

There were always questions about how far Lumis’ silent stalker gimmick would take him, but adapting the character of Dexter Morgan allowed him to live longer. is a serial killer who targets other killers and villains, or “dark passengers” as he calls them, as a way of filtering his homicidal impulses. He tries to act like a person, and is often very good at this. It could make him an interesting character to interact with other wrestlers.

7 MJF – Barry

The MJF is one of the best heels in all of wrestling. However, as demonstrated in several different cases, MJF has the ability to favor his fans in ways many babyface his wrestlers dream of. One of his ways to become a successful babyface is Barry.

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of Barry, Masterpiece is a hitman who tries to abandon a life of contract murder to become an actor. Despite his attempts at good intentions, his former life is constantly intersecting with the new one he is trying to build for himself. This constant struggle to be a better person is perfect for the baby-faced turn of a sneaky heel like MJF. It doesn’t make much sense for MJF to suddenly turn into a good guy.

6 Madcap Moss – Goku

Madcap Moss since leaving Happy Corbin One of the most watched up-and-comers on WWE’s main roster. Despite being featured quite often, Moss still hadn’t found a well-defined gimmick for himself after his time as Happy Corbin’s joking sidekick. .

dragon ball z is one of the most popular anime in the world and its main character, Goku, is considered a pop culture icon. His most distinctive trait is his love of fighting opponents stronger than himself, and he often makes mistakes. Add Goku’s love for Koto to amazing effect. Giving Moss the direction that he wants to play matches with everyone he can. He especially goes up against wrestlers he considers to be better than him. If Moss bounces back after losing, he’ll become a truly popular babyface.

Five Ricochet – Symbiote Spider-Man

Ricochet is one of the best high flyers in wrestling and has been for several years. As such, he is often compared to a superhero and humored by his special attire.During his tenure with WWE, Ricochet’s character lacked complexity or depth, but he is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. You can change that by making use of one of his, Spider-Man.

One of Spider-Man’s most famous stories is that he falls down a dark path when an alien symbiote known as Venom sticks to him. During this time, the calm, fun-loving Peter Parker took on a darker, more aggressive edge. If not, such an edge would be great if it was applied to Ricochet. Similar to the symbiote, giving Ricochet something like a championship acts as a corrupt agent causing his darker turns There is a possibility.

Four Marachi Black – Sousuke Aizen

Malachi Black is one of the wrestling industry’s most creative figures and a master of storytelling. From his time in NXT, to his ill-fated main roster call-ups, to his arrival in AEW, Black has always managed to maintain a consistent and evolving character. If there’s a gimmick he can draw from pop culture that fits his character, that’s the main villain. bleaching Anime: Sousuke Aizen.

Aizen is one of the most ruthless and calculating villains in anime history, believing that no one should give in. His charm is power, and he is willing to sacrifice those who serve him to obtain it. Some of Aizen’s characteristics are a perfect fit for Black, as Maracay is the leader of AEW’s House of Black stable. He could treat the member simply as a rung on his ladder.

3 Dominic Mysterio – Darth Vader

Many fans have wondered when and if Dominic Mysterio would turn on his father, Rey Mysterio, and strike out on his own. , the trigger has never been pulled. If Dominic antagonized his father, Darth his Vader tragedy would be the perfect blueprint.

With Dominic playing Anakin Skywalker and Rey playing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dominic’s heel turn allowed us to tell the tragic story of a father and son. Should be treated as a tragedy, especially if Dominic is seen in the long run, he will come to regret his decision as Vader eventually did. Even the inclusion of a Darth Vader-like story could fully revitalize Dominic Mysterio’s career.

2 Nikki Ash – Batman

There are many superhero gimmicks in wrestling that have worked and failed to varying degrees. It’s easy to see why the superhero gimmick works. Especially in promotions like WWE, where lots of kids watch shows, superhero gimmicks like Batman have never been adopted. 1966 rip-off wrestler Batman aside.

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For someone like Nikki ASH, whose superhero gimmick never truly took off in WWE, a near-Dark Knight gimmick could help revitalize it. A gimmick that has the edge that establishes her as someone to target the heels of the women’s division, and embraces Batman’s darkness while maintaining babyface status, is the kind of character Nikki can thrive on.

1 Cody Rhodes – Homelander

Cody Rhodes is one of the most talked about figures in wrestling. During his time in WWE, Cody has risen as one of, if not the most popular babyfaces in the company. Nonetheless, fans are finally realizing just how good heels Cody will be in his latest iteration.Many fans have compared Cody to Homelander. the boysdue to the appearance of his coat resembling the costume of a fake hero.

If anyone can turn into a pure villain like Homelander, it’s Cody Rhodes. Homelander was particularly hit with his Amazon Prime in later seasons of his show so frightening because despite how evil he is, he still considers himself a hero. This kind of trait is perfect for Rhodes, who many believed was a heel disguised as a babyface during the AEW days. By becoming a WWE Homelander, he has the potential to become one of the best in wrestling.