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Full-fledged education union activities ahead of the new semester

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Through strikes and lawsuits, several education unions are taking action against school districts ahead of the new school year.

Sunday night, 94% of Ohio’s Columbus Educational Association members voted to strike It will enter into force on Monday for the first time since 1975. The union represents approximately 4,500 teachers, librarians, nurses, counselors, psychologists, and other educational professionals from Columbus City Schools. School is scheduled to start on Wednesday, but due to the strike, the school district is currently planning it as a full distance learning day.

The union said it works for small classes, full-time primary education arts, music and physical education teachers, as well as functional heating and air conditioning in classrooms. To CEA news releaseIn addition, the CEA cite disagreements with school district boards about appropriate planning time, limits on class hours, outsourcing positions to for-profit private companies, and methods of retaining and recruiting educators. I was.

The decision to strike is the result of months of negotiations between the CEA and the school board, said Talitha Dixon, superintendent of schools for the city of Columbus. message to family on monday. “Teachers want what’s best for their students,” Dixon says, as do boards and school district leaders.

“But we will start the new school year with online learning on Wednesday as teachers are on strike, which is a disappointing and less than ideal situation,” Dixon said. “We hope that this will be resolved quickly and that all students can return to their classrooms with their teachers as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday, employees of the Philadelphia School District’s maintenance, administration and transportation voted to approve the strike, just about a week before the school was scheduled to start on August 29. The standardized training program has not been met as the contract expires on August 31st. According to ABC6.

of letters to district families Philadelphia superintendent Tony Watrington said on Monday that the vote does not mean the union will strike for sure, and that the earliest it can strike will be Sept. 1. Stated.

“We appreciate the work of the staff represented by District 32BJ SEIU 1201. We continue to actively participate in conversations and negotiations to secure new contracts as soon as possible,” said Watlington. I am writing. “As the new school year begins, we want to do so without interrupting face-to-face learning.”

And on Thursday, the Becker Education Association of Minnesota filed a lawsuit against Becker Public School District, district by district.” according to the statement By Education Minnesota with local unions affiliated.

The lawsuit alleges that the policy adopted in May violates the free speech provisions of the state constitution and state law.The lawsuit was filed in Sherburne County District Court, according to statewide unions.

Becker Public Schools Superintendent Jeremy Schmidt said, “We disagree with the allegations and allegations made in these filings, and this lawsuit misunderstands the purpose and effect of the language in the district’s plans. I think,” he said. Statement to KARE-11.