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MIT Technology Review Hosts ClimateTech October 12-13 In-Person and Online

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MIT Technology Review launched ClimateTech. This is a new event exploring the technological, policy and social changes that transform economies towards a sustainable future.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New in 2022, MIT Technology Review to Host First ClimateTech Conference October 12-13 directly MIT and online. Complementing the acclaimed EmTech event series, this program provides a solutions-oriented look at how climate change can be addressed through technology, policy and social change.

This two-day program focuses on a variety of topics, including modern clean energy generation and transport, developing a food-secure future, and hyperlocal urban solutions. Check the following:

energy problem | | Technology is a key mechanism for bending the emissions curve and providing clean energy to meet our insatiable need for power. New technologies, policies and strategies are emerging to provide clean energy while remaining market competitive.

System change, not climate change | | Climate change is a global problem with many interconnected and collectively essential solutions. None are silver bullets. We examine the many ways individuals and organizations can make sustainable change to decarbonize the economy.

Attendees will have access to mainstage presentations, thought-provoking interviews and live Q&A sessions to gain strategic and cutting-edge insights on how companies can improve their market competitiveness while achieving their net-zero commitments. I can. The in-person experience takes place at the prestigious MIT Media Lab and includes onsite networking, receptions with speakers and other VIPs, and an exclusive open house at the MIT City Science Lab. All attendees will have access to live streaming content, video on demand, and an online event platform for interactive discussion.

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