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New Event from South West District for Culture Recreation & Sports Inc.

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SWDCRS will have several learning opportunities, grants and programs to support the development of culture, recreation and sports in the fun and knowledge-filled district member community.

South West District for Culture, Recreation, & Sports Inc. (SWDCRS) has several upcoming learning opportunities, grants and programs to support the development of culture, recreation and sports in the district member communities. fun and knowledge.

Grant Writing and Sponsorship Development Workshop

The Grant Writing & Sponsorship Development Workshops are two workshops held on separate days. Both events will run from 4:30pm to 7:30pm and will be on Zoom due to lack of interest in these programs. These events are now online, so there is no registration fee, but registration is required for both events.

The Grant Writing Workshop is a workshop that teaches participants about eight essential tools for writing strong and effective grant applications and how to organize all your research. This training is of great value to many types of groups such as sports clubs, arts guilds, recreational leagues, and charities. The Grant Writing Workshop will take place on August 23, 2022 and registration will close on August 22, 2022.

The Sponsorship Development Workshop teaches participants the skills necessary to develop sponsorship opportunities, strong sponsorship proposals, sponsor identification skills, and how to build strong and meaningful sponsorship relationships. It’s a shop. The Sponsorship Development Workshop will take place on August 30, 2022 and registration will close on August 29, 2022.

The reason you need to register to attend the event is simple. SWDCRS is required to send login information, course materials, and additional follow-up resources, and can only send that information if you register. Additionally, when you register, you will receive a link to watch the workshop recording.

“There are no pre-set limits for our workshops, but we try to keep the class size around 20-25 people so that group discussions are a little easier and not too big for everyone. It is possible and everyone is welcome to register and participate.

micro grant

This is a small grant provided by SWDCRS. This funding program is aimed at cultural, recreational and sports groups operating in the Southwest and is intended to assist these groups in developing their cultural, recreational or sports services. This grant is open to a group of member communities in the Southwest District. Any group in a small country town near a member community would be eligible for membership. Now they say he can offer 20 projects from $500, but a few more because he understands that not every project needs the full $500. may be able to fund

Applications will begin on August 9, 2022, with an application deadline of August 29, 2022. Projects must be completed by December 5, 2022 to be eligible.

“This grant is a very easy online application. Our community consultants can answer questions and help groups create applications. And we don’t want it to be intimidating, so I really encourage people to look at the web, look at the application and don’t be scared, it’s really very easy,” said Saas. increase.

Microlearning Series Summer Student and Community Museum

A microlearning series is a collection of small learning opportunities that participants can view on their own schedule. Summer Student and Community Museum is just the first episode in that series, documenting interviews with summer students at the Avonlea Heritage Museum. These students were so successful in raising awareness of the museum that they were asked to share their knowledge to help build other museums. The recording talks about using social media, special events and local attractions to engage with the community and get support for the museum. SWDCRS plans to release 3-4 more of these short instructional videos in the next 6 months.

To receive video content, you must register any time before September 30th. Register to gain access to this video on demand.

“There is a lot of good information in this series. It starts with interviews with students at the Avonlea Museum, and there are other great pieces of information to share. What’s great about this series is that when you sign up, you can: You can look at it when you’re free,” Saas says.

SWDCRS is a non-profit organization that works with communities, clubs and volunteers to develop local culture, recreation and sports. They work a little differently than recreation directors. Among them, they do not conduct workshops. Instead, we worked with our Recreation Director to develop strategies and tips on how to host events and workshops. He is one of seven districts in Saskatchewan.

To register for these events, please visit our website