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“Technology brings great things, but it also reflects risks and aspects.”

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Sebastian Bortnik, a technology and computer security expert and an informant on issues related to the fair use of technology, will speak for the first time in San Francisco as part of the “Adolescent Now” conference.Sponsored by the municipal public health center on August 26th and 27th. You have time to work on different issues and create spaces for teens and support groups like parents and teachers.

Boltnick will give two talks on Friday. One for youth, “Grooming: Virtual Harassment?”

Experts Talk Before Coming to San Francisco Morning at El Periodico (FM 97.1)he said: Cell phones are a very recent issue, something that didn’t exist until many years ago. ”

According to Bortnik, “Today we found it.” Our children face a very different adolescence than we do because of hyper-connectivity. And that puts us in a very dangerous place,” he warned.

Risk to teenagers

“The Internet and technology have brought great things to our lives, but they have also brought new risks and forced reflections,” said the expert. Internet connectivity is not a trivial matter and should be taken care of. For example, the problem of cyberbullying regarding network violence can be very serious. Very serious situations, cases that have resulted in suicide, cases of grooming that have resulted in the dissemination of images without consent, and many other situations.”

Instead the speaker Adolescent anxiety and depression are ‘two problems that have increased significantly in recent years’ and admitted they were definitely related to technology use, he later recalled: things were happening. These issues, which have more to do with mental health, have started popping up in a network called Digital Wellbeing.,

So, in conversations with teens and parents, Bortnik points out how to use the internet and technology appropriately and take care of yourself under stress. he concluded.

About “Adolescent Now”

This is a health and current affairs conference for teenagers, parents and teachers taking place at the Superdome in San Francisco on Friday, August 26th and Saturday, August 27th.

It aims to address cybersecurity issues and addiction issues and create a space for youth and their support groups as parents and teachers.

It is not only a place for listening and training, but also a meeting place for teenagers. His two days will feature food tracks, performances by DJ MaiM and live music by the Kumbiyaravana band.