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Yankees vs. Mets: Which New York team has the edge to win the 2022 World Series?

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Both New York baseball teams are at the top of the standings this season. With his 78-44 record, the Mets have a four-game lead in the NL East despite the Braves’ surge since his early June. The Mets have been No. 1 every day of the season, except for one he did. The Yankees have been leading the AL East since April 27 with his 74-48 record. At one point they held a lead of 15 and 1/2 games. They’ve had a tough time over the last month, but still maintain an eight-game lead.

The two teams are set to face off Monday and Tuesday in their second and final regular season series for 2022. New Yorkers and TV executives may wonder if this is a World Series preview. Following 2000, it will be the second “subway series”.

Of course, the Mets have to contend with the Braves in their division, and possibly the mighty Dodgers in the NLCS. The Yankees will probably have to learn how to eventually beat the Astros, even if they manage to reach them.

It’s clear that winning the World Series is going to be a very difficult road for either team, but I’m tasked with deciding which team to bet on.

Odds of winning the World Series

Odds by Caesars Sportsbook.

  • Dodgers +350
  • Astros +400
  • Yankees +450
  • Mets +475
  • Braves +1100

I’ve listed the top 5 teams for reference, but the task here is to see if the Mets or the Yankees would be a better choice at this point.

for the Yankees

The Bronx Bombers live up to their name by leading the league in home runs and points scored this season. Giancarlo Stanton is back from injury and, if healthy, the Yankees will have Andrew Benintendi and his DJ Lemahu as table setters (one on his 9th hole and one of him possibly leading the way). high), allowing you to flash a very intimidating lineup. Judges Anthony Rizzo, Stanton, Gleyber Torres, Josh Donaldson. It’s the type of lineup that could put up some crooked numbers per game in the playoffs, and we’ve seen three-run homers turn series around many times.

Assuming the Yankees find a way to get Luis Severino back and get Frankie Montas back on track, there’s a lot of potential for a playoff rotation with Gerrit Cole, Nestor Cortez, Montas, and Severino. Or maybe the Yankees are using Jameson Taillon in the rotation to give Severino some relief.

The bullpen has been a problem for weeks, but we can squint at the set-up that dominates in the playoffs. Let’s say Severino is at his best. That would give Aaron Boone an arsenal of wide variety of weapons.

Simply put, the best version of the Yankees is a team that can do some serious damage in the playoffs and take home the title.

Of course, they’re not the best version about six weeks from now.

Mets case

Chris Basitt is a two-time top 10 All-Star pitcher in Cy Young voting. In his last 11 starts, he went 7-3 with a 2.11 ERA, and in his four starts in August he went 4-0 with a 0.69 ERA.

He would be the Mets’ third-best starter in the playoff series, behind ultra-elite aces Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer. It could be Carlos Carrasco coming back from injury to finish fourth, or Taijuan Walker. Regardless, the Mets are likely to have the best playoff rotation.

Oh, and at the back of the bullpen is baseball’s greatest closer, Edwin Diaz. He currently has a 1.46 ERA, a 0.89 WHIP, and 97 strikeouts in 49 1/3 innings, with his save chances 31-for-28.

The Mets also boast a strong line-up with superstars Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor as their backbone. Sterling Marte, Jeff McNeil, and Brandon Nimo have all had very good seasons. Mark Cana is as good as a lower third hitter gets. Daniel Vogelbach was also a revelation in his DH.

It always matters who plays well when it matters most, but when you look at the Mets, they have all the ingredients to win it all. can be filled with They almost have automatic closers. They have a deep offense that doesn’t rely on long balls, yet can pull through with clutches, game-changing bombs.

I’m bullish on the Mets.


i will go with Mets It wasn’t a difficult choice. The Dodgers are the only team I want to take right now before the Mets, and I wouldn’t mind replacing the Mets with the Dodgers.