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Very Short Stories Contest 2022

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Short Story Contest 2022 |  Conditions for obtaining the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health Arabic Film and Short Story Award
Tales Contest Very Tales 2022 | Conditions for getting the Arab Awareness Award for Screenwriting Films and Saudi Short Story Contest.

Are you looking for a very short story competition 2022?

Want to know the terms of the short story contest?

Or are you a Saudi and want to participate in the Saudi Arabia short story contest?

So you are now in the best short story contest 2022 so join this saudi contest and win the short story prize.

Where the short story contest and the conditions for obtaining the short story prize are very easy, and it is a contest offered by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.

Follow this topic with us and understand the form of participation and the conditions of the story contest, so participate very easily to win the story prize of the biggest story contest 2022.

Tales Contest Very Tales 2022 | Conditions for the Arab Awareness award for filming scenarios and short stories

Tales Contest Very Tales 2022 |  Conditions for obtaining an awareness award for films and short stories
Tales Contest Very Tales 2022 | Conditions for obtaining the Arab conscience prize for short stories and short films

The 2022 Short Stories and Short Films Shooting Competition, andArab Awareness Award Competition for Story Creation, Short Films and Creative Photography 2022It is one of the most important competitions and royal awards presented by the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council for Arab Competitions in 2022.

Short Story Competition in Saudi Arabia:

Short Story Competition in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Short Story Contest

Saudi Short Story Contest: It is a contest held by the Saudi Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Gulf Council, to award Arab creators with valuable prizes to support their creative talents and encourage them to continue developing and developing the short story in Saudi Arabia.

Conditions for participation in the Saudi Short Story Contest

If you are a Saudi, these are, in summary, the conditions for participating in the Saudi Story Contest:

  • If you are Saudi, enter the short story contest link in Saudi competitions.
  • If you are from another Arab country, apply via the Arab Awareness Prize for Short Story Competition link on the Saudi Ministry of Health website.
  • You must write a short story of no more than 15 lines, if written.
  • If the tale is illustrated, it should not exceed one page.
  • If the story is a video, it should be short, no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Fulfill all contest conditions and attach required documents to participate and win the Saudi Short Story Award.

Short Story Contest 2022

Short Story Contest 2022
Short Story Contest 2022

What is the 2022 short story contest?

It is the short story competition announced on the 1st of this month for our current year 2022, and it is one of the best Arab competition that allows all Arabs in 2022 like Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and all Gulf countries to participate in winning a financial prize by winning the competition for making the best A scenario for the short story in 2022.

Conditions for the short story contest:

Story Contest Terms
Short Story Contest Terms.

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Your nationality must be Arabic.
  3. You must have a valid national identity card or identity card this year.
  4. If you don’t have a card or identity document, you must bring a passport.
  5. The short story content you submit must be professional and creative to be accepted into the competition.
  6. Register your data on the competition website, corresponding to your card or identity.
  7. Submission of data and copy of RG through the Short Story Awards Contest website.
  8. All documents required to win the short story contest prize must be attached.

Documents required to participate in the 2022 Short Story Contest:

  • Fill in the registration form on the competition website with the same data as your personal card.
  • Attach a copy of your ID card.
  • If you don’t have a card! Attach copy of passport valid in 2022.
  • Please provide clear evidence that you are the true owner of the story’s content.
  • Finally, send the content of the short story to the contest website mail.

Very Short Short Stories Competition 2022: Wa’ee Arab Short Screenplay Award

Short Story Competition 2022: An awareness award for the making of short Arabic films with the conditions of the short story competition

What is the very short story competition?

The Very Short Story Competition 2022: It is an awareness award for the making of very short form scenario and story films in 2022. It is also an Arab competition which was also held by the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the Council of Gulf Cooperation for competitions on May 1, 2022. It aims to attract the people of Arab countries, giving them the opportunity to participate in the making of a short film, develop their small skills and encourage them with real money prizes , to fulfill his first dreams of becoming one of the greatest directors and directors of small films, and very short scripts and video stories in 2022.

Conditions for the 2022 Very Short Story Contest: How do you receive the Arab conscience award for writing a short film script?

To participate in one of the 2022 Arab film and short story competitions, these are the conditions for the short film competitions, and the most important thing is to get the Arab conscience award for the short film short story competition, or short story competition in Arab countries for the year 2022:

  • She must be of Arab race.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Possession of a valid national identity or national number in 2022.
  • The content of the short film must be attractive and interesting to be accepted into the contest.
  • Direct submissions via the Arab Awareness Awards and Competition website for films and short stories.
  • Attach all required documents from people of Arab countries to apply for Short Story Contest 2022.

Documents needed to register for the short story contest The very brief 2022:

  • Register your data corresponding to the national identity using the registration form on the competition website.
  • Attach a clear copy of the national identity card.
  • Attach a copy of your passport if your ID is not available.
  • Attach a video with the content of the Arabic film to the entry form available on the Very Short Story Competition 2022 website.
  • Attach a university degree or a training course in the field of short film story creation in 2022.

Unfair Contests for Real Arab Stories and Short Films 2022:

Story Contests, Short Films and the Real Arab Awareness Awards 2022
Short story and short film competitions 2022 | Win the highest royal arabic prize for the short story

  • Screenplay and Short Film Competition 2022.
  • Short Animation Story Award.
  • Audience competition to win the creative ideas award.
  • Competition to win the Arab Short Film Award 2022.
  • Arabic Awareness Contest and Creative Photography Award.
  • Motion Graphic Short Film Competition: to win the Monograph Short Film Award.
  • Tale Prize at Emirates Competitions 2022.